I am biologically 30 years of age, but my actual age has yet to be determined and probably never will be. I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but come originally from Omaha, Nebraska. I moved here with a wonderful woman some several years ago. Since then I’ve been moving through graduate school to become a “social scientist”. And so, I’m an “academic”, a research master’s student of social science at the Universiteit van Amsterdam – International School for Humanities and Social Sciences.

I became interested in topics related to autistic rights awareness (as opposed to autism awareness), as well as broader issues related to disability studies because I worked for several years in what are called “community based services for the developmentally disabled.” I have come to feel throughout and in reflection on my experiences that many unjust things transpire throughout these trans-institutional spaces; no shortage of them are ethically, imho, dubious.

So, I am here to see what kinds of questions all kinds of people raise about the grand diversity of personoods and human being; to perhaps raise questions of my own. However, I am here to do this in a kind of formalistic manner and so am performing this exploration in such a way that I might not only learn from all kinds of people, but amplify what I have learned so that others might in turn learn from me too. And so, I am (hope to) perform/ing qualitative social scientific research on the emancipatory potentials of autistic rights awareness organizations and campaigns in virtual spaces.

If you are from such an organization I happen to be attending (with permission) and have further questions or concerns about my activities, please, please, please let me know and email me at mglennon24@ msn.com. Or, if you are from such an organization throw me a line! For now I am making public on this blog’s main page my research program so that those in organizations where I am engaged as a participant observer can see what I am doing and a little bit about what I aim to achieve by analysis of autistic rights awareness discourses. It is, of course, open for comment.